The Gifts



The sweethearts have prepared a wedding list at Printemps.

How to use the list ?

To consult and/or access:

  • By Phone : Contact Printemps Haussman at the following number + (33) 1 42 82 50 00. A hostess will redirect you to the boutique blanche
  • On the web : go to the site boutique blanche and follow the instructions. You will need to mention the name of the sweethearts: Nadia Kleiner or Guillaume Trainar (in case you got lost) and also the date of the wedding: (08/06/2002).

What is on the wedding list?

To give you a quick overview of our selection, take a look at the following pictures.

These are the shafts of the forks and spoons America from Christofle. At the time of the large steamers, these forks and spoons were used on The Normandy.

These original crystal glasses bear a name which gives desire for drinking confusedly wine nectars : Chalice

A close up on the Rosenthal glasses. Their shape suggests a flower slightly open...

The Moonlight service of Haviland. Platinum dominates the whole collection, inspired by the Art Deco style.

With a sober service, nothing such as a colored tablecloth to cheer up the table during festive meals. This is why we selected this Ottoman model, with its purple tones.

The theme of our bedroom is the desert. To match with our pictures and curtains, what can be more typical than camels? So we loved this "Tombouctou" finery (from Ushuaia collection) for our bed.